Why Windows Vista? - Reason 1 on why you should move on to Windows Vista


Why Windows Vista is the question that previals in many of our minds.  Many of the users running Windows XP SP2 must be much happier with the features, security and other related things and would wonder on why 
Windows Vista is required.

One of the top reasons I felt was the world of improvements that have been made with regard to Network Sharing and Connectivity.

If you are person who keeps travelling frequently, there are a variety of places where you would require to change the network connection to get connected to the internet.  It is tiresome to troubleshoot, check the settings and get connected at every location, be it office, home, airport etc.,

With Windows Vista's advanced network capabilities, it can automatically help you diagnose and fix any issues that might be preventing you to connect from a public connection (airport etc.,).  The Network and Sharing Center provides a wealth of information on the connectivity, whether you are connected to local only or both local as well as internet and gives a beautiful picture map for viewing and fixing the issues.  It also helps you reset the network adapater occasionally to fix issues related to connectivity. 

For a person like me who is not tech savvy when it comes to network and connections, this really simplifies me and let me concentrate on my actual work (working on the internet)

One of the reasons I felt on why you should upgrade to Windows Vista.

Cheers !!!

p.s. This post is made by me from an airport, with Windows Vista helping me fix the connectivity issues of a public network available over Wifi.

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