Why Windows Vista? - Reason 2 on why you should move on to Windows Vista


Well, I just thought of continuing my earlier post to share my day to day experiences of using Vista so that it benefits everyone and more so, the folks who keep questioning - "Why Windows Vista".

One of the key features that I could see is the "Search" that comes as an integrated component with Windows Vista.  The ability to search for keywords, phrases from "Start" Icon brings productivity and ease of access to information to the greatest possible levels.

With Windows Vista, you dont need to install any additional desktop search utility, which again needs to scan your system and update it periodically.

Just before I wrote this post, I was looking for a phrase which I had also used for quite sometime.  The search not only yielded me with files / folders, but also opened up an outlook email which had this phrase embedded in one of the attachments.  This was awesome from the perspective of what I was looking for and I would have never had a chance to access this mail and subsequently this document unless I had used this search.

If you are running Vista, just click on the "Start" Icon (Window Icon) and type the phrase or word you are looking for, and there you go, you will get what you needed.

Cheers !!!

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