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I keep getting emails frequently from many people asking me for a good place to start learning ASP.NET.   I am really surprised to see the number of people writing to me regarding this and the interest ASP.NET has brought into the development community.

By any standards, the most popular web development model over the last 10 years has been ASP.NET.  It overtakes other competing technologies far ahead in terms of reach, simplicity and capabilities it can deliver on the Web.

Well, coming back to learning resources, I would say is your one stop portal for all your ASP.NET needs.  Breaking it down,

To learn ASP.NET as a beginner, check and where you find a wealth of information in different forms such as Videos, Podcasts, Articles etc.,

To get the necessary downloads (for free, including development tools) and getting started, visit

To obtain various resources provided by Microsoft as well as ASP.NET Developer Community, check

Check for blogs on ASP.NET and you can subscribe to the same to get latest updates.

If you want to work with AJAX, is your place to start

Whether you have a burning issue, a doubt, a technical implementation hard to do, a show stopper issue or a suggestion, is the best place to get answer or express your opinion.  It contains wealth of information and millions of users who contribute and benefit every day.  ASP.NET Forums has also produced a lot of Microsoft MVPs ( who shared as well as gained knowledge from here.

Finally, if you want to read latest articles on ASP.NET posted by various experts, visit "Article of the Day" section and subscribe for the same to get the latest articles.

Last and definitely the least when comparing the above resources, keep checking my this blog where I try to provide as much relevant information, technical articles and updates as possible.

Happy Web Development with ASP.NET !!!   

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