TechMela - 24 hours to go !!!

With less than 24 hours to go for TechMela to begin, I thought I should brief a little about the sessions that I am going to deliver in the Web Platform track.

The first session is going to be on Upgrading your existing ASP.NET 2.0 Applications to AJAX.  Many of you have invested already in ASP.NET 2.0 and built cool applications.  Now you can find out how you can upgrade those existing applications to ASP.NET AJAX.  The session is going to talk about the intricacies and tips / tricks while upgrading your applications.

The second session is going to be a Deep Dive on ASP.NET AJAX, with some of the cool toolkit controls and creating custom controls which expose the Extender pattern.

Following these sessions, we have sessions on Windows Cardspace by Vineet and IIS 7 by Vinod Kumar.  Here, I get a chance to sit back and anchor these sessions. 

The fifth session is on Web Server Platform Roadmap, which talks about the Visual Studio "Orcas" for Web Developers, ASP.NET Futures and ASP.NET AJAX Futures.

The final session we have made it as a discussion or "Ask the Experts" session where we tend to answer your queries, listen to your feedback, suggestions and future requests which can be considered for implementation in the upcoming versions.

Overall, its going to be an exciting day for Web Developers and I am looking forward to meet you all tomorrow.

Cheers !!!

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