TechMela - Back from Technology rains

Yeah, Tech Mela is over now.  I am back home after an extensive week of travel / planning / tensions and some useful presentations.  Last month has been a busy month with me delivering "Next Web Day" Sessions in two cities, "AJAX Virtual Classrooms" for five days and a few trainings for our partners.

But Tech Mela was the big daddy of all.  The amount of work and planning we had to put to bring this up is phenomenon and the results have shown the same.  TechMela was a huge success considering the volume of sessions we delivered over a span of three days and the amount of people who attended the same.  One thing was sure, anyone who was a technical person or interested in technology would have found atleast couple of sessions very useful for him / her if not all the sessions, considering the varied levels of sessions we had to plan accordingly.

As I have been writing, I delivered four sessions on the first day and owned the entire web platform track on this day. I spoke on ASP.NET AJAX Upgrading, A Deep Dive into ASP.NET AJAX Internals, ASP.NET Futures and also did a "Discussions session", with Janakiram and Vinod helping me deliver this session.

I ensured that I set the context for the entire day before the first session and give an overview of each and every session before starting on it to give an idea of how the day was paced.

The planning was on a five step cycle "Next Gen Web" learning

1. Upgrade your existing applications

2. Learn about the internals and do a better implementation

3. Learn different ways of enabling Security with the new Card Space

4. Learn about IIS 7 and what it has for developers

5. Get a sneak preview of ASP.NET Futures

6. Get your queries clarified by us

The presentations for the sessions would be posted at the TechMela site site in a week's time and I also plan to upload my demos to some file share and provide the link here.

Meanwhile, for all those who patiently read this post, here is the link to download the ASP.NET AJAX Virtual Classroom Sessions I delivered 2 weeks ago.

You can either view it online or download the same.


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