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I finally got over here and got logged in.  Wow.  Seems like it's been longer than a year!  Code Camp 2014 went well, and the amature radio group is on track with a new repeater, and with luck I will finally get to take an azure test!!

As we push forward into the xmas season, ALL my webpages are out of date.  Typical.  I spent some of the summer testing different way of making graphene.  I am glad I did so, what I learned was very cool (no it wasn't actually, it was hot, just not as hot as some of the first methods I had explored). 

I can take a brief moment of solace from passing the edx linux course, perhaps I should of  spent some money and done it in a verified track.  I am going through the ANU edx astronomy series of classes, three of them in total.  They have all been excellent and I do wish I would of been able to give more time to them, but being on the board at cpdn and president at cvarc, running a small biz, keeping up with microsoft, and making gold partner at Intel, mainting no less then five independant research projects and generally hunting down every bit of info on the sceinces the internet will freely give up, yes, I did not get to dedicate the proper amount of time to the ANU astronomy series, but I sure as heck do recommend it.

After doing bunches of windows 8 and 8.1 installs over the past year, I must say it's a decent operating system.  Coupled with the new windows server, I'd say it's a network to use.  I see a lot of freetards setting up ix boxes for networking, and all the time screaming about security, yet they are seething leeks and pretty much are just turning their heads away with all the work it's taking them to keep the config files up and nifty.  I am also noting a lot of  'ix users are pretty sure they are admins.  Nuff said there, it's a bad situation. 

Finally, I am contemplating a go at the cubesat challange.  I have at least on potential team member.  If nothing else, I may just follow along as a dry run.  There are several things being sought under the cubesat challange, one  thing that I am sure they can't wait to get their hands on is a non chemical propulsion system.  With spinsat now deployed, it is certainly in the cards that future cubesats will at least have a non chem navigational system. Which reminds me, if your looking for a good group to follow on twitter, don't over look the lunar lions, my blood runs blue and with a nephew up at state, it's a given that I will support the lunar lions, as if there were ever any doubt.

I know all this was less than a prequel, but I am happy to get back into the geek blog and get a few things documented.  I have some cool links to post out, particularly some from code camp 2015 but right now I want to at least get this one out there, as if one else has yet,

the link is pretty much self explanatory. 

in closing, if your in the harrisburg pa area in jan 2015 our meeting will feature Ken Dale with a presentation: Introduction to git hub  it would be wise register at our group meetup page:

(and maybe bring a few bucks for pizza donations) If Lance has any swag after code camp, we'll have a drawing after the presentation.

If your ham passing through the shippensburg/chambersburg area you may find me on our local repeater at 147.120 pl 100. Look us up at:

Now maybe I can go upright some of my personal webpages, I'll return before xmas though!!



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