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Here's a video posted Chris Brushie KB3TQO of the ISS Astronauts contact  with Corpus Christi Catholic School 10.06.15, at the Capitol theater in Chanbersburg PA.   CVARC coordinated the contact Via amateur radio links with the ISS .  You'll hear me right at the very end of the video as I introduce Brad and Chris.   This was a once in a lifetime event and the students got 18 questions answered.   The teachers, NASA folks, and especially the  Students really were all AWESOME!!

Special Kudos to Astronaut Kjell Lindgren, KO5MOS and
Corpus Christi Catholic School teachers Amanda Blough and Amy Fetterhoff!!!!   Ditto for our ARISS Mentor  John Kludt, K4SQC

If you know of any teachers looking to go above and beyond for their students, send them to the page so they can check out the submit proposals page to get started.  The Cumberland Valley Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL affiliated Special Services Club and we will be happy to advise anyone on what it takes to get the ball rolling.  

CVARC President  
Ray Smith N3TWU

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Interesting story! I enjoyed reading this whole thing. - Dennis Wong YOR Health
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