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More on making modifications to WSS....  specifically more on using FrontPage or not for modifications in WSS.  I finally have the answer to “Should you use FrontPage for modifications in WSS?”.  The answer is “It depends”.  Of course that's the answer!  So with that, I want to start a list of modifications that can/should be made using FrontPage and a list of modifications that should NOT be made using FrontPage.  Today I have two items for the “Use FrontPage for modification WSS when.... list”.  After reading/blogging for a couple of weeks I will post a compilation of these items.  Send me yours and I'll add them to the appropriate list.

  1. Modifying names (libraries, lists etc) 

You can change names using the browser (Site names, library names) etc, but if you review the general settings, you will notice the original name is still being used in the location and for libraries – the template URL.  You cannot change these within the browser.  You can see them, but you can’t change it.  (The only way to keep all of the names in sync, yes I know it’s being anal, using the browser is to get the names right the first time.  This means if I create a Site named ProjectA and decide to save it as a template for future projects; I’m stuck with ProjectA in some names for the duration.


FrontPage allows you to change both the display names and actual names of everything quite easily.  Open the site in FrontPage.  Use “Rename” for the location.  Use “Properties/Settings” to change the display name (and template for libraries).


  1. Positioning links on the Launch Bar in a specific order


You can do this in the WSS browser quite easily, as long as you happen to create the items in the order you want them displayed on the launch bar.  Each item added to the launch bar is added to the bottom of the list.  To change the order using the browser, for each item on the Quick Launch, you must edit the item – uncheck the “display on Quick Launch”.  Then edit each item AGAIN, (in the order you wish the items to appear on the Quick Launch bar), and check the “display on Quick Launch”.  That’s about 8 clicks minimum per item!


Front page allows you to change the order of items in a much simpler way.  Open the site in Front Page.  Open default.aspx, use the properties dialog for each launch bar and move the links up/down the list to the desired order.


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