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I have spent the last week trying to get a purchased application's upgrade installed on several workstations.  I think only one of the installs went smoothly.  By week's end I was totally frustrated with the installation of this product upgrade.  Most of the workstation errors could be corrected by un-installing / re-installing the product.  It seemed that most of the issues were related to an incomplete uninstall.  However, on Friday I received the same error on a workstation that did not have a prior version of the product installed. 

Error 1327 Invalid Drive U:\

There most odd thing about this error showing on the second workstation, was both workstations had Drive U in the error message and neither workstation had drive U; mapped for any profile.  Thankfully I received the error on a workstation that did not have the prior version of the product installed or I would have continued to blame the product.  Turns out it is an Install Shield error - a known Install Shield error since Dec 2003.  Here's a link to information on the error at Install Shield Consumer Central.  After reading through this information I decided to scan the registry for U:.  On both workstations I found a drive mapping of Personal to letter U: - buried deep in some key I would have never found logically.  Deleting this one key cleared the problem.  BTW... the Title Bar on the modal error message window I received was the name of the product I was installing - nothing indicated to me it was an Install Shield error.


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Thanks, that helped!
Left by Tim on Feb 06, 2009 6:11 PM

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I had this problem and it took ages to find the offending registry keys... I found this MS article quite useful, though:
Left by Jon on Feb 19, 2009 4:49 AM

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