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There was a long post here; like Betamax, it just did not make it.

Metro was not my favorite name though I do get what it was about and wish it would not have gone away so close to Windows 8 dropping (this October 26th).  That said, we the developer community found out about it practically as soon as the Microsoft employees that were at the St Louis Days of Dot Net did.

Transparency will go a long way.  Hiding stuff, putting a marketing spin on it and trying to force feed it to developers as a 'Good Thing' would have been disingenuous.

Whatever it is called, we will follow the guidelines to develop apps, we will make money from those apps.  I am excited by what I see coming up for the developers, but I do have my reservations as to what they are providing for the business users with Windows 8.  Maybe it's naive of me but I think this will all turn out fine and I look forward to using the new tools in VS.NET 2012.

Posted on Saturday, August 4, 2012 10:16 PM WebDev | Back to top

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