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RoundhousE now supports Oracle, SQL2000

RoundhousE, the database migration software that is based on sql scripts has added support for Oracle and SQL 2000.  There have also been numerous other little things, including better logging and a script run errors table. The script errors table captures what went wrong when/if your scripts are not quite up to par or there is some other issue.

A special thanks goes out to http://twitter.com/PascalMestdach and http://twitter.com/jochenjonc. They worked hard on this and all I did was provide guidance and help bring it back to the trunk.

This is what an entry in the new errors table looks like:

Sweet Mother Mary, look at that error goodness!

This is a preview of new log:

Attempting to resolve version from C:\code\roundhouse\code_drop\sample\deployment\_BuildInfo.xml using //buildInfo/version.
Found version from C:\code\roundhouse\code_drop\sample\deployment\_BuildInfo.xml.
Migrating TestRoundhousE from version 0 to
Versioning TestRoundhousE database with version based on http://roundhouse.googlecode.com/svn.
Migration Scripts
Looking for Update scripts in "C:\code\roundhouse\code_drop\sample\deployment\..\db\TestRoundhousE\up". These should be one time only scripts.
Running 0001_CreateTables.sql on (local) - TestRoundhousE.
Running 0002_ChangeTable.sql on (local) - TestRoundhousE.
Running 0003_TestBatchSplitter.sql on (local) - TestRoundhousE.

But what are you waiting for? Head out and grab the latest release today!

Print | posted on Friday, June 11, 2010 1:32 PM | Filed Under [ RoundhousE chucknorris ]


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