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Its been several months since I last updated my blog. I don't really have an excuse other than just being busy. My gaming had taken alot of my time and well, I had to make a tough decision. When you really think about it, its not really a tough decision, it is just the right one. That decision is of course that my development is more important.

Enough of my excuses. I have began resource gathering and interface concepts for my first project. Its called Novus. Now this may or maynot be the final name of the application. I kind of like the name for some reason and decided to stick with it for now. I am also starting off this project for Windows Phone 7.5 instead of Android. This was a tough decision considering I write Android code every day, but I chose Windows Phone do to them having less applications than Android and I believe my application will have a good base to begin from. I will consider a port of my application to Android later in the year.

What can I tell you about Project Novus... I will start off by saying it will have both Drop Box and Skydrive support. There will also be a minor Facebook tie-in, but it is optional. I am hoping to complete this project by the end of the 1st Quarter of 2012, but like most projects, if its not done by then, well it will be ready when its ready.

I will also be bloggin alot more in 2012 then I did this year. When I am not talking about Novus, I will try to entertain you with my take on some technology whether its mobile, gaming, xbox, hardware, or what ever else I can think of.

See you all in 2012... Happy Holidays!!

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