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In my last blog I talked about a new WP7 utility application. My intention at the time was to build a Wi-Fi strength meter, but after some research, I discovered that Microsoft has that part of the phone sandboxed. Its not a big deal now, but I hope they unlock those features in a future update as it could lead to some real cool applications.

So what now? Well at first, I felt I was at a crossroads on application ideas. I still plan to release Mixtio Reader, but until I get some other issues worked out, I didn’t have another back up project. I took some time to reflect and then it hit me. Last year, I had plans to just build applications for Android. This was mainly due to be working in the environment at my regular job, and their cheap registration price.  I was also looking at applications that were specific to tablets rather than phones. These type of applications are for Education.

For some reason I had completely forgot about these application ideas that I wanted to do for the Android tablets. Rest assured, I will be taking this route for Windows Phone 7 and possibly Windows 8. This brings me to what I am working on now. I have an application in development as we speak. I wont’ go into specifics right now, but I have started it and I am hoping to have it done in about 2 weeks.

This application is education related and should be useful from middle school thru college. That is kind of my focus for a small list of applications that I want to do in the Education section. There are a few already out that do the same thing so it is not anything new. Since there are a few applications out that do the same thing, I want to defiantly focus on user experience. This application will likely be free and I have plans to globalize it so it will work in a lot of different countries.

I also mentioned Window 8. I have the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 running in VM on my PC. I haven’t spent as much time with it as I want to, but I do see potential it porting the application to it. Especially for tablets as this information will be good for students to take with them. I also want to bring Mixtio Reader to Windows 8. This is another reason why I want to take time to ensure a quality eReader is release to both platforms. I will try to put out an update on this new Education application next week.


Stay Tuned.

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