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Ryan Abrahamson
I have some concerns where I see Microsoft going in terms of making developers pay to use tools that they already own. For example, to test out Windows Phone development I had to pay the $99 fee to allow me to actually deploy MY test app on to MY phone to test against actual hardware and not in the emulator. Now, if I choose to upload my app the the App Store and use all of the services available there, I would gladly pay the fee as I understand that all of that infrastructure doesn't pay for itself (although, maybe if there were more apps it would...chicken and egg??). I have been working with Metro apps on Windows 8 and had to update my "Developer License" today. At the moment it is free, but how long before I have to pay $99 to develop and debug locally with that as well? The point I am getting to is, Microsoft has done an amazing job over the years of getting tools into developers hands to proliferate their footprint in the market place. The complaint I hear most from developers today is the 'entry fee' for working on the windows phone, with the argument that: "Developing on the Android is free" My concern is that with the new model of making developers "pay to play" will keep many away from what is an amazing platform both in terms of Windows Phone 7 and Window 8 Metro. Posted on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 10:13 AM | Back to top

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I get the concern, but I hear some of the Microsoft team talking about this and solutions to it. Microsft fully understands that with the release of Win 8 and the shortfall of apps (aprox 100,000) is a threat to the marketplace. Afterall, it is the apps that drive consumers to purchase a phone, tablet ect. They have programs in the works for developers like yourself to spur and encourage app development. Speed to market is going to be key to he success, and I think you will see changes in how this is done shortly.
Left by Andrew on Jul 31, 2012 10:22 AM

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Play with Android Phone Dev Kit, Free?, Play with IPhone / Windows 8 Phone, $99.

So Hobbiests are going to.... Android?

Hmmmm, Not sure this is a good thing.
Left by Dave Tolan on Jul 31, 2012 2:14 PM

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