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Today I participated for the Microsoft Asia Security RoadShow. The event was held at TransAsia Hotel, Colombo. There were three guest speakers.

The first speaker to start off proceedings was Jacqueline Peterson-Jarvis, who is the senior manager for Security Mobilization for Microsoft in the region. She talked about Microsoft's work on ensuring security in their products. Its processes and strategies.

Then, the audience was divided into two groups IT Professionals and Developers. As I fall under developer's category I participated for the session 'Security Best Practices for Managed Code' done by Matthew Hardman, a Developer Evangelist. This session was really interesting for me as he talked about new security features of .NET 2.0 and the importance of being aware of how security is affected by the code we write. He talked about stuff like encrypting connection strings, signing assemblies, the new secure string type, etc.

Sadly, I missed the IT Professional session and a big part of the session on security policies done by Steve Riley. Evidently they didn't think we were interested in security policy stuff.

Then we had lunch (yeah at TransAsia, wasn't that great though but im not complaining) and headed back to office.

Oops...forgot to mention, got a nice t-shirt and a goodie bag too. But then again you would expect that from a Microsoft conference.

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