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Yesterday I had a brush with multi-channel digital marketing that worked. Here is the story. To set the stage, we have to go back a few months when replaced my aging laptop with a new Mac and migrated my Windows operating system on to Parallels. Once the migration was complete an offer was presented to me. It was a trial for anti-virus or maybe anti-spyware software with a name that began with a K and seemed foreign to me. I declined. Now jumping ahead to yesterday, I was watching TV and I recognized the logo of Kaspersky. I don’t even remember what I was watching but recognizing the logo and it registered. Then finally, later that same evening, watching the Stanley cup playoffs again I see the logo; this time in a commercial and because I recognize it I actually watch the commercial rather than switching to the other game. I find out they offer a whole line of security products, and their offer is actually interesting. This morning I plugged their name into Google and learned more about them from their website as well as reviews and individuals comments. Multiple exposures across different channels game me the impression they were for real. I may in fact go back to my windows virtual machine and take them up on their trial offer.

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