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I'm sitting glaring at the radiant glow of my laptop monitor, barely keeping my eyes open after messing with my continuous integration server trying to get it up and running. CC.NET, NAnt have all gone fine, it's once I start messing with actually building one of my test solutions that I run into problems. Granted, this is the FIRST time I am messing with automated building outside of the IDE, so this was bound to happen.

The solution I am trying to compile has about 8 projects, one has a dependency on NUnit, another has a dependency on NHibernate. One project has a reference to another project I use for all internal ActiveDirectory communication. Another project has a reference to a library that holds base classes for persistence that is reused across the organization.

I was having problems with using the solution file that I was using on my development machine, with MSBuild, apparently when I checkout the project, it sets the relative path to the project on my development machine. I struggled with this for an hour or so and finally just created a second sln file called "Integration" to be used by msbuild only. fixed that problem.

Now msbuild is complaining about framework 2.0 sdk, so ok...go download it...good, done with that.

I am also using NAntContrib to be able to use the <msbuild> task, although now I can't seem to figure out how to tell the build where to find referenced assemblies, such as NUnit and NHibernate. I do have a vssget task running that is getting the sourcesafe folder containing my thirdparty components, so it is in the source directory prior to compilation, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to tell msbuild where to find the dependecies.

I think at this point I am just beating a dead horse and am very exhausted.

I guarentee as soon as my head hits that pillow I will get an AH-HAH!...goodnight


Posted on Wednesday, February 14, 2007 3:47 AM | Back to top

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