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"XML attributes may not be specified for the type"
XmlSerializer and CollectionBase derived classes

I get this error when I try to serialize an object that is based upon the CollectionBase class and has an XmlRoot attribute.

The solution is to provide hints in the Serialization method to add a defined root in the generated XML. Thanks to user "armanddp", I have beautified his solution as shown below:

Step 1: Create an attribute class that you can use to specifiy the root attribute.

     public class XmlRootNameAttribute : Attribute
          public XmlRootNameAttribute()
          public XmlRootNameAttribute(string name)
      = name;
          public string name = string.Empty;

Step 2: Add the attribute to your own class.

public class MyCollection : CollectionBase, IList

Step 3: Create a Serializer method to read the extra attribute, if it exists, otherwise serialise as per normal.

/// <summary>
          /// Serialize the given object into a string
          /// </summary>
          /// <param name="o"></param>
          /// <returns></returns>
          public string SerializeObject(object o)
               string ret = string.Empty;
               Stream writer = new MemoryStream();
               XmlSerializer ser = null;
               XmlRootAttribute ra = new XmlRootAttribute();
               Type objectType = o.GetType();
               // determines if the custom attribute was found
               bool bAttFound = false;

               ra.Namespace = string.Empty;               
               // try and find the custom attribute that will determine the root namespace.
               object [] oAtt = objectType.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(PMPDO.XmlRootNameAttribute), false);
               if (oAtt != null)
                    if (oAtt.Length > 0)
                         bAttFound = true;
                         // use the given root name
                         ra.ElementName = ((PMPDO.XmlRootNameAttribute)oAtt[0]).name;

               if (!bAttFound)
                    // if there is no root name provided, then just use the default
                    ser = new XmlSerializer(objectType);
                    // otherwise use the provided root name
                    ser = new XmlSerializer(objectType, ra);

               XmlSerializerNamespaces ns = new XmlSerializerNamespaces();


               if (bAttFound)
                    // use the given root when provided
                    ser.Serialize(writer, o, ns);
                    // otherwise use the default (no root provided)
                    ser.Serialize(writer, o);
               // read the string from the serialized stream
               writer.Position = 0;
               StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(writer,System.Text.Encoding.ASCII);
               ret = sr.ReadToEnd();

               return ret;
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