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In this post, I'm going to list out the configuration tasks that are needed for any new MojoPortal installation. These tasks are listed elsewhere in documentation, but I haven't seen them listed all in one place yet, so here goes.
I'd like to keep this list up to date as possible, so if there is anything you see that I've missed or gotten wrong let me know and I'll update.

This list includes server-side configurations but stops at the point when you must use the admin UI to make additional changes to your portal.





User.config file settings

In MojoPortal.Web, right click the project root and choose “Add”  >  “New Item”. Choose “Web Configuration File” and rename the new file “user.config”.


Under <appSettings> I add the following keys, your requirements may mean you could need a slightly different list of keys than this. See the Web.config master to see what keys are available. 

<add key="MSSQLConnectionString" value="" />

<add key="SMTPServer" value="localhost" />

<add key="SMTPRequiresAuthentication" value="false" />

<add key="SMTPUseSsl" value="false" />

<add key="SMTPPort" value="25" />

<add key="SMTPUser" value="UserName" />

<add key="SMTPPassword" value="UPassword" />

<add key="SMTPTimeoutInMilliseconds" value="30000" />

<add key="PreferredGreenwichMeantimeOffset" value="-5.00" />

<add key="mojoProfileConfigFileName" value="mojoProfile.config" /> (see next item)

<add key="SilverlightClientKey" value="mojoProfile.config" />

Below are changes that I think are pretty specific to my requirements that I have added to my user.config:

<add key="UseRelatedSiteMode" value="false" />

<add key="ShowForumPostsInMemberList" value="true" />

This new “user.config” file will have all your default appSetting override values. See for details.

Web.config changes

Update this section (near the end of the web.config file):


Settings as appropriate.

Note that upgrades may overwrite these settings since they are in your web.config. Keep a backup handy!

Edit mojoProfile.config

Remove default profile settings that you don’t want, add ones you want. To avoid having your changes overwritten, you can change the appSettings key “mojoProfileConfigFileName” to something else, copy the original file, and edit the copy under a new name.

I use this name: CustomMojoProfile.config



for details about how to configure this

Change permissions for Data folder

ASPNET user (IIS_WPG and NetworkService on Windows 2003) must have write permission to the Data folder beneath the root of the Web. These permissions must be applied to all child objects, too.

Mostly this is used for logging, I believe.

Content changes

Many opportunities for changing content under


much of this is localized boilerplate content specific to the portal itself.


Registration agreement

If you want to have a custom registration agreement displayed when users register with your site, you need to create a new content file.


for details

Global images

Global images are under mojoPortal.Web/Data/SiteImages



If you want to change this, replace in in the /Data/skins/ subdirectories as appropriate.


Multi-site installations

If you are upgrading, be sure to remove this file after installing:


See note at the end of this post


Important keys to change for security purposes

Keys that should be changed in new installations for security (for additional info on security, see


appSettings key





Regererate a new GUID

Under appSettings,  so this replacement can be in “user.config”


From web.config comments:

SilverlightClientKey is a token used to identify the silverlight app to the server, for logging and other purposes.

    We don't want other people's copy of the app to be able to log to our server.

    Best to generate your own new guid and put it in user.config

Any keys containing PaymentGatewayUseTestMode”

Set to “false” in production!



This is important for security, you should generate a new one and update <system.web><machineKey validationKey=”…” />

To this new value.

Note: you should save the new value elsewhere because once you encrypt something using your custom machineKey, if you change it you will not be able to decrypt again. Also, because this is not external to the mojoportal web.config file, it may be overwritten, so very important to (securely) keep a 2nd copy!


From the Web.config comments:

To generate your own, you can use this nice online utility:

or this newer one which is more up to date as of 1/4/2007:



I found some error log messages like this:

2010-01-12 10:00:56,315 ERROR mojoPortal.Web.Global - - /HtmlEdit.aspx?mid=4&pageid=12
System.InvalidOperationException: Unable to generate a temporary class (result=1).
error CS2001: Source file 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\kn3fdlma.0.cs' could not be found
error CS2008: No inputs specified

To fix, I am assigning read/write privileges to C:\WINDOWS\TEMP for ASPNET user. If anyone knows if this is not necessary or has other solutions, feedback would be appreciated.


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