Windows Azure Service Bus Queues / Topics - Duplicate Detection

I was checking the Windows Azure Appfabric June CTP; I was looking at the Azure Service Bus queues and topics. I noticed something interesting to me and hope we can take advantage of these new capabilities in applications like RFID. Working on BizTalk RFID or any RFID project for that matter, you would have noticed using duplicate tag elimination events during tag processing. For any one new to RFID, when RFID device reads tags it can read the same tag information more than once at a given interval. To avoid the duplicate tag reads we have Duplicate tag removal event in each process. Also using the Service Bus gives bridges the device to on premise applications in async way with greater reliability.  So if looked at the Service Bus Queue’s and Topic’s, you can see properties Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging   -> QueueDescription: DuplicateDetectionHistoryTimeWindow & RequiresDuplicateDetection
Queue accepts duplicate messages: Sent multiple duplicate messages and accepted by the queue.
Queue w/o duplicate messages: Sent multiple duplicate messages and rejected by the queue and the last duplicate message received in last 1 second.
   I would to do a write up on my next blog about the duplicate detection and filters on Service Bus Topics…


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