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June 2012 Entries

Find the video HERE. Updated June 28th 2012: Marcel has blogged about this too. Adam Cogan did a great Web TV interview with Marcel de Vries and myself on the topics of architecture and code quality. It was real fun participating in this session. Although we know each other from the MVP ALM community, Marcel, Adam and I haven’t worked together before. It was very interesting to see how we agreed on so many terms, and how alike we where thinking. The basics of ensuring you have a good architecture ......

Updated: June 7th 2012: Cause for the issues found! Unsupported scenario having TFS 11 Beta side-by-side. Uninstall TFS 11 Beta before or even after install of VS 2012 RC. The Visual Studio RC has shown some install issues in some cases, particularly for those who upgrades from VS 11 Beta. These issues are caused by also having TFS 11 Beta server installed on the same machine. This is not a supported scenario. What is good is that if you forget to uninstall TFS Beta 11 first, and get these issues, ......