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Informed TDD – Kata “To Roman Numerals”
In a comment on my article on what I call Informed TDD (ITDD) reader gustav asked how this approach would apply to the kata “To Roman Numerals”. And whether ITDD wasn´t a violation of TDD´s principle of leaving out “advanced topics like mocks”. I like to respond with this article to his questions. There´s more to say than fits into a commentary. Mocks and TDD I don´t see in how far TDD is avoiding or opposed to mocks. TDD and mocks are orthogonal. TDD is about pocess, mocks are about structure and ......

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Informed TDD – Using Mocks to Allow for True Stepwise Refinement
In my previous article I described a process of designing and implementing software. It combined TDD with explicit thinking before coding. The dialog I embedded it in was supposed to make this deviation from traditional descriptions of TDD more palatable. This came at a price, though. The systematic behind this approach was somewhat hidden. This article is supposed to make up for that. I want to make it crystal clear how I think the process of solving problems with code should look like. “Traditional” ......

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Recursively descending test-driven development aided by thinking
“Hey, Ron, wanna try something new”, Janine asked across the table in their team room. Ron looked at her uneasily over his line of monitors. For hours he had been trying to fix this elusive bug. “Nah, not now. I really need to get this done first, Jan.” “Oh, come on, Ron, that´s what you´re telling us all the time.” Ron blushed. That certainly wasn´t true. Especially not with regard to Janine. “You know me better than that, Jan. I´m always willing to help you out and stuff. But right now…” “It won´t ......

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The Self-Similar Software Development Process
I read, with interest, Robert C. Martin´s comment on Justin Searl´s critique of a common TDD teaching approach. Strange it was to see “the good uncle” to be so upset about Justin´s article. Why does he take it so personally, it seems, that someone is not content with the state of TDD-affairs? Why salting Justin´s earth? Anyway… what I wanted to express is my disagreement with Robert C. Martin´s idea of a “Domain Discontinuity”. He proposes there to be two levels in software system design: one, where ......

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