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The Unstable Mind of a .Net Developer

And that mind is ... well ... mine.

My name is Ralph L Wheaton Jr. and I am a senior developer with 18+ years of professional experience in software architecture/development/design, working in manufacturing, IVR, banking and, most recently, healthcare. Currently, I am focused on Microsoft technologies, specializing in Biztalk and .Net development, though I have worked on various other technologies including Unix scripting, Informix, Fortran and C/C++.

My software development career started when my parents gave me a Commodore Vic-20 for my 12th birthday. I was big into Dungeons & Dragons and got tired of spending hours rolling dice to create characters. So, I decided to learn this thing called Basic and began to write a character generator that included attribute adjustments for race and character type. It wasn't long before I had exceeded the 3k of memory on the "computer" and had to buy an additional 8k (woo hoo) memory cartridge and a cassette tape drive for storing the application. Thus, a computer geek was born.

I must admit, this is my third whack at blogging.  My first attempt was incredibly short-lived.  I published a post on Blogger and asked a buddy of mine to review it.  He liked the post, but despised the name, The Unstable Mind of a .Net Developer.  So I deleted the blog and started over with a new name, Ruminations in .Net.  However, recently, I had the opportunity to speak at the St. Louis Day of Dot Net conference.  On Saturday, the topic in the speakers room turned to blogging, tools, names, etc and it was recommended that I move my blog to  It was also suggested that my original name was far superior to Ruminations (Sorry, Jim, but it is pretty hard to argue with a room full of Microsoft MVPs. ).

And so, that is my history and the genesis of this blog.  I hope you find it interesting and useful.

Ralph Wheaton
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

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