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John Jantsch over at Duct Tape Marketing (Kansas City local) recently went full text RSS. And it's about time. He posts good stuff, but I rarely read it because it was a pain to click though to the web site. Personally, I usually don't read blogs that aren't full text, but I did still subscribe to John because he was local and he had said that he was going to look into full text.

Mike posted a comment over on John's post about going full text that said (among other things)

"being concerned about your readers sounds noble, but it's really not"
"full feeds are really just a slow death for a blog"

I couldn't disagree more. His main point was that full text will cut down on ad revenue. I think it is great that good bloggers get rewarded by ad revenue, but I don't think the money should drive you to blog. To me, a good blogger shares their knowledge in an entertaining way. Worry about entertaining and educating your readers, the money will be on it's way.

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I won't subscribe to a blog that doesn't have full text feeds. And I won't read them unless someone who has full text links to them.

So, if you call that death for your blog, well, that's cool.
Left by Robert Scoble on Feb 13, 2006 9:53 AM

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