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Jeff Julian - Mr. GeeksWithBlogs - was nice enough to tag me, so here are five things you probably don't know about me.

1)  I have a chapstick addiction.  It's bad, I go through a stick every couple of weeks.  It's really not my fault though, my Mom and sisters are just as bad as me.

2)  I'm a bad driver.  I feel sorry for anybody that has to ride with me.  I go out of turn at four-way stops, run too many yellow(ish) lights, liberally interpret lane dividing lines, and generally assume that I have the right of way.  Given all that, I've never been in an accident.

3)  Most of my blog posts are never published.  I open up Live Writer to start talking about a problem I'm having, start typing it out and figure out what I did wrong that caused my problem.  Just being able to explain the problem in a way that other people could understand it seems to open my eyes to the cause.  I make things too complicated.  That could be a whole bullet point on it's own.

4)  My girlfriend and I moved in together last weekend.  We're both selfish and stubborn, but also very understanding and capable of compromise.  It's fun to play house for real and make dinner and all that, and I learn a lot from her.  It's a big step for me and I guess I'm finally growing up.  She recently took a job in the advertising division of LJWorld.  They are doing some awesome things over there.

5)  I worked for EnGraph for free for the first six months.  Technically, I was paid on commission, but I'm such a bad salesman that I couldn't ever close a sale.  I was selling GPS units.  In fact, they are the same GPS units that I now write software for.  I took the sales job because I really wanted to work for them and I had interviewed with Kyle back in 2001.  My intention was to do the sales thing until they gave me an opportunity to write some code for them.  It worked out that way and I became EnGraph's 2nd programmer in January of 2004.  Just in time too, because I had pretty much depleted my savings account.

Now I get to tag five people:

Kyle Archer - Mr. ParaPlan
Dave Starr - Mr. GPS
Matt Strausz - Mr. DUI
Katie Lohrenz - Ms. Letter Writer
John Musser - Mr. Mashup

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# re: Five things about me
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LiveWriter has done similar things to my blogging. I probably have five or more posts started needing research to finish them.
Left by Tim Murphy on Jan 05, 2007 11:38 AM

# re: Five things about me
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Tim Alan Hibbard = Mr. .NET
Left by Kyle on Jan 06, 2007 5:25 AM

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