August 2005 Entries

Write or Wrong? Using attributes with property set method and NUnit
After creating a class with property set/get and creating NUnit tests to stress the methods, I found I was typing the same numbers again and again for the maximum length of the string value of the property. Worse, it was too easy to make a typo and have my NUnit test not reflect the true expected maximum length. So I created a MaxLengthAtrribute class which defines the maximum length of a property (incidently based on a field size in a database). For example, a Surname property get/set method might ......

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SQL Server 2000 - utility to execute SELECT and save to CSV
Just wrote a very quick and dirty utility to allow a SELECT from a SQL Server database and save to CSV. It was for a one off data extraction for a client for a query not currently in the main web based application. Due to using MSDE there are no SQL client tools to use to do this job, and I didn't have the MSDE manager at hand. Anyway full details and source code for the utility are now at http://codecorner.tigernews... ......

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geekswithblogs and Firefox 1.0.6

Anyone else noticed that the home page of is broken in Firefox (it didn't used to be).  It coud be due to a individual post I suppose.  The banner has a gap in it and the page resizes larger than the browser window so you have to do a lot of horizontal scrolling.

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Adding 'created by' and 'history' to your Xml documentation with NDoc
In your XML documentation comments include the tags as shown below, with a single created element, and multiple history elements; /// <REMARKS>If <B>propertyHolderVari... parameter is used then the caller must ensure a private property variable has been declared elsewhere in the class module.</REMARKS>/// <CREATED>Liam Westley 09 Feb 2004</CREATED>/// <HISTORY>Liam Westley 02 Nov 2004, added propertyHolderVariableName parametere</HISTORY>/// ......

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Hiding system tables and stored procedures in SQL Enterprise Manager
This may be something you all know, but I keep coming across developers who don't know that it is really easy to hide system tables and stored procedures in SQL Server Enterprise Manager. Step 1 - Highlight the server in SQL Server Enterprise Manager, right click and select Edit SQL Server Registration properties... from the pop-up menu. Step 2 - In the Registered SQL Server Properties dialogue box, remove the tick from Show system databases and system objects. This will only hide the system objects ......

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Converting enumeration values to/from String values
Triggered by the blog by Chris Breisch on string enumerations I finally got around to posting a code snippet on my development resource site about converting enumeration values to and from String values. You can find it here. The codecorner site will be my regular mirror of any blog tips I post, and I hope that anyone who knows the London Underground system will appreciate the unusual design of the site ......

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SQL Server 2005 June CTP
Downloaded the SQL Server 2005 June CTP from MSDN over the weekend to install with VS.NET 2005 Beta 2 on a clean XP Pro o/s. As it the June CTP downloaded I installed VS.NET 2005 beta 2 which I already had ready. My mistake. You must install SQL Server 2005 June CTP first as the setup will refuse to run if it detects VS.NET 2005 Beta 2. A lot of uninstalling (about 10 items in add/remove programs) and it's working fine. Now I can find out if VS.NET 2005 and subversion (an open source, source code ......

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