February 2006 Entries

In-flight entertainment systems, Part 1 : Introduction, Hardware
Introduction Last week I blogged that I would be providing a detailed critique of two in-flight entertainment systems I recently experienced on a round-the-world trip. The trip included flights with both Air New Zealand and Virgin Atlantic. I’ve already had feedback eager to find out who gets the thumbs up. The aim is to provide a comparison of the usability of the two systems, and to see if there any lessons we can learn as programmers when we create user interfaces in our applications. My ......

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A note on my recent holiday and the in flight entertainment systems I used
A bit of a gap in posting, but I've just come back from three weeks away, visiting relatives in New Zealand as part of a round the world trip(London -> Tokyo, Tokyo -> Wellington, New Zealand, Wellington->San Francisco, SF -> London). This gave me the chance to experience two in flight systems back to back; Virgin Atlantic (London flights) versus Air New Zealand (Wellington->SF). Being someone who has worked in the interactive television industry, I was quite keen on playing with the video on demand ......

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