March 2008 Entries

Software Developement as a Craft - 'The Craftsman' by Richard Sennett
I was listening to the BBC Radio 4 social science documentary strand Thinking Allowed earlier in the week (from my backlog of DAB radio recordings) and they were discussing a new book 'The Craftsman' by Richard Sennett. The book deals with the concept of learning a craft, as opposed to the acquisition of pure academic skills. It dealt with the sort of manual crafts that you might expect to be included, such as jewellers, wood workers, etc. To my surprise Richard Sennett mentioned that he has spent ......

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ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 (March CTP) - support for shared hosting
I've been investigating the ASP.NET MVC framework for some months, in between a major client project in January and holidays in Frebruary. In that time the ASP.NET team have been beavering away and released the MVC Preview 2 March CTP (download it here). Jeffrey Palermo has some great blog posts over at which detail some of the improvements. The big news for me was that I could finally upload any applications to my development site, which is on a shared hosting server at, ......

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