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Go Asynchronous with C# 5 - presentation, source code and links from London .Net Users Group - 1st September 2011

A big thanks to my lively audience at the London .Net Users group last night who provided excellent feedback. They even led me to some live coding to discover how the TaskEx.WhenAny deals with the tasks which didn't complete first - apparently they are immeadiately disposed of and their results are lost. Let's hope the release documentation for the Async libraries makes this very clear.

I also must thank EMC Consulting for providing the facilities and beer, and Adgistics for providing the pizza, and further beers at the post user group beers.

You can find my presentation online at over here, and the source code for the demos is available here.

Durign the presentation I mentioned some blogs articles that are well worth having a look at;

Lucian Wischik addresses the bugs being fixed within the Async library and what bugs were fixed in the Async CTP refresh in two articles, Async CTP Refresh - Compiler Bug fixes and Async CTP Refresh - what bugs remain in it?. If you're thinking of using the go live licence in the Async CTP Refresh you need to read these two articles to understand which bugs remain and how you might mitigate against them.

Also, Sacah Barber (a UK based C# MVP) provides a really good set of use cases for the Async CTP over at CodeProject, in a post Task Parallel Library: 6 of n, including an example of using a mocking framework for testing your Async code.

If you missed the talk I'll also be giving it at NxtGenUG in Birmingham on 13th September.

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