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Hi Everyone,
This is a place for .NET lovers like us can go and learn more about all Microsoft Cloud technologies. This website makes it more easy, simple and actually fun to know what the technologies are, how they work and what we can do for it in the perception of both business and personal entities.

Here is what you have to do (to make it much easier, follow the steps)
1. Go to this website
2. Login with your Windows Live ID (Create one if you dont have one, you are going to need it more than you think @
3. Select any course you want, ex: Windows Azure, SQL Azure etc
4. Read through the course and get points which you can see grow in a wonderful animation starting from "Bronze Medal" to "Silver Medal" and finally to "Platinum Medal"

You will also be given a RANK on where you stand in the whole World and also in your country. I completed SQL Azure and Windows Azure myself and i am that Silver Medal with 280 Rank in USA and 33,262 Rank in the whole World.

You will love it.
Share your thoughts too with our pre-Beginner Community.

Thank you
Vijaya Malla Posted on Thursday, October 13, 2011 10:38 AM My Thoughts | Back to top

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Microsoft virtual academy is one fantastic platform where you can learn about the new changes that is taking place in the web development sector. It also gives us the freedom to customize certain features of the tools.
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