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News Hi, my name is Vincent Grondin and I'm a senior consultant at Fujitsu, a consulting firm in Montreal, Québec. I'm starting that blog to share some of my thoughts and knowledge on .NET architectures and code. Being a consultant in the .NET world I come across many different things. Some good, some bad and others that are worth a blog post here whether they be good, or hmmm... shall I say, less good :) I hope you enjoy yourself while learning new stuff. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me anytime.
Vincent Grondin July 2012 Entries
Learning the hard way: Uninstalling .NET Framework 4.5RC
Uninstalling the .NET Framework 4.5RC can be a real mess, let me explain… I had a perfectly functional VM on which I tried to install the 4.5RC version of the .NET framework to test out some of the new features of EF. Since what I wanted to test didn’t work and since I THOUGHT 4.5 and 4 where side by side, I decided to go back to simply 4 and uninstall the 4.5RC from the VM. Big mistake…. Now my Visual Studio would not work at all and kept saying “Unknown Error” when I started it… After further investigation, ......

Posted On Tuesday, July 17, 2012 8:50 PM

Multiple instances of Intellitrace.exe process
Not so long ago I was confronted with a very bizarre problem… I was using visual studio 2010 and whenever I opened up the Test Impact view I would suddenly see my pc perf go down drastically… Investigating this problem, I found out that hundreds of “Intellitrace.exe” processes had been started on my system and I could not close them as they would re-start as soon as I would close one. That was very weird. So I knew it had something to do with the Test Impact but how can this feature and Intellitrace.exe ......

Posted On Monday, July 9, 2012 9:00 PM

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