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Developing mobile website - testing
Although a lot of website are using a responsive design which just scales the content, when you browse them from a smaller resolution (like tablet or smartphone). Some still choose to have a special mobile website. These can be tricky to test, as you normally would have to be able to access your development environment with your phone or tablet - and then as with the old rendering conflict between IE and all the others - how does it look on another device? Say I have an old iPhone 3. How do I test ......

Posted On Thursday, January 22, 2015 10:08 AM

CSS–margin or padding
I was beginning the implementation of a new design, and once again I found that my margin property on a div-tag, did not behave as I expected. So I decided to look for best practice when it comes to using margin or padding. What I found was this very short and concise description of the difference between the two: “Margin is on the outside of block elements while padding is on the inside. Use margin to separate the block from things outside it, padding to move the contents away from the edges of ......

Posted On Tuesday, June 5, 2012 2:08 PM

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