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I've finally arrived!!! 

Three years ago as we were building our house I had the whole thing wired with CAT-5.  Everyone said I was crazy since WiFi was working so well.  I responsed with, "yeah, WiFi is great for my laptop, but when I'm streaming my TVs through my computer, I'll be happy it's hardwired". 

For the past year I've been streaming my movies to my XBox 360, and that's been great.  None of that compares to the excitement I've had using TVTonic to download the Olympics and stream them to my XBox.  With two young kids, I've missed a lot more than I wanted to.  I saw part of the opening ceromonies, but I missed all the cool parts that everyone at work was talking about.  During my digging to find videos online, I found TVTonic.  This absolutely ROCKS!!!  I was able to select which events I want to watch (Opening Ceremonies, Swimming, etc.) and it began downloading it all.  Then, as new events take place, it records those too.  It's like having a Tivo that will go back in time.  The picture quality is very good, and I don't have to sit at my computer to watch it, although I could.  It plays through Vista Media Center, which I then hit through the MC Extender. 

If there are any events that you missed and still want to see, check this out.  You won't regret it!


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